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A lover of life, adventure and humor, Chet Olson has worked as a musician, and an engineer and has always loved being creative. He loves the water and a good ride on the Harley. He has combined his artistic ability, engineering talents, and lifelong love of creation in bringing to us some wonderful wooden art, much of which are in the form of usable objects such as beautiful goblets, bowls, decanters and more.

Born in 1944, Chet grew up in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, attended Michigan Tech, University of Michigan and Lake Superior State University where he received an engineering degree. He was a forward air control radio operator in Viet Nam with the USAF, was an active private pilot, a scuba diver, boater, snow skier and more. He worked for 15 years as a wireless systems engineering consultant around the US and internationally and now resides in Silver Springs, FL where he continues woodturning and engineering consulting. He always liked to invent and create gadgets and art forms of one type or another. The latest is a charcoal grill with temperature controlled by automatic choke control from a 1967 Chevy V8. Always having been a driven creator above other concerns, he once lost his apartment security deposit in Montreal, CA because he made such a mess with his wood carving.

Chet tends to learn things on his own and attempt seemingly impossible tasks – like installing a 130" free standing TV antenna tower single handedly without the use of lift equipment and becoming an accomplished guitarist without any lessons – but the unguided approach has not always a good thing. Many mistakes have been made. He has tried to turn the most rotten part of a tree. He has set nice wooden pieces on fire in the microwave attempting to dry them. He tried to cut a 16" log on a 14" band saw. He recently caught one half of a flying wooden bowl between the eyes leaving a nasty wound. But he believes in taking a little risk in order to forge ahead and produce a new result. Some of these results are in the gallery.

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