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Items in this Category are Signed, One of a Kind Pieces.

Please note that online purchasing directly from this page is not yet supported. I hope to have that feature working soon.

Please Email or call Chet Olson to arrange purchase or if you would like a quote for piece similar to a sold item. Visa and Master Charge accepted by phone.




10 1/2" X 3 1/2" Maple Burned Imagry, usable, O-ring seal 3 cups $135.00


10" x 3 3/4" Spalted Maple Usable, o-ring seal 3 cups $135.00
Btl102 Btl102 11" x 4" Spalted Maple Usable, o-ring seal, Personalized 3 cups $140.00 Sold  
Btl103 Btl103 10" x 4 1/4" Hickory and Purple Heart O-ring seal, Hummingbird image, 2 cup capacity. Very pleasing style and quality. $159.00