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Cfrancis Logo Carol is a special friend, artist, and long time creator of the finest fashion jewelry. And to me it's very cool that she loves my wood turning.
Vann Evans Logo Barry Biesanz is a great friend, artistic mentor, fellow musician and renowned artist in Costa Rica and beyond. And when Barry has a music jam session, it is a class act to top all others. Thanks so much for the great times, Barry. Hope to get back to Costa Rica soon!!!
Tom Boley Logo

Tom Boley is President of Catoctin Area Wood turners and has been a most helpful and unselfish mentor. I toured Tom's Architectural turning shop - man!~ this guy is busy. How long is that post lathe Tom? 20 feet? What a nice shop! Thanks, Tom! Check Tom's site - very pretty stuff!

vann logo Vann Evans is a great friend and helped tons in teaching me how to do a web site. If you want to see some hot models, check out Vann's web site. Vann doesn't turn wood, he turns heads I guess!
Brians Logo I need to be honest. Brian Sykes is the wood artist's goal in life. I met him this year and have enjoyed a good new friendship. Brian has taken segmented turning and carving combinations to the next generation. I know nobody who has so many ribbons and awards as Brian. What talent! Throws a great great Halloween party too!
Anatoly Tsiris This famous wood artist blew my socks off with the most awesome tour of his massive turning equipment and shop all of which he designed and built himself. Anatoly, a former Russian machine maker, makes hollow forms over 6 feet tall that are sold nationwide. He can pass a truck load of wood chips through a 3 - 4 inch hole in about 6 hours. He uses huge hoists to move his 3-4 foot diameter logs on to his giant lathe. A truly rare and astonishing artist, he creates amazingly beautiful pieces in these incredible sizes. We met at Brian's cool halloween party.
KLINGSPOR Sanding art pieces is often a daunting task. Klingspor's has a sanding solution for any hidden curve, nook or cranny you can create. Great store. Check m' out!
The Debs Now here are a couple of wood turning partners, Debbie Woods and Debra Breton (no I'm not kidding) who do some very beautiful turned art work. Debra B and I do some work together for the Catoctin Area Turners club. web site is a knock out!
Cat header My main club! Check this site out (not just because I created the site). This is a wonderfully organized club for turners in the Western Loudoun County area of Virginia and in one year it has grown at bullet speed. Lots of activities and great demonstrations every month.
VA Wood Turners This Virginia Corporation Sponsors Annual Wood Turning Symposiums and offers a nice message board. I have made some entries in the mesage board.
Jeff Green Logo Jeff Green is a gung ho turner whom I've shared a lot with through the CAT club. Take a look at Jeff's new site.
Betsy logo Betsy West My talented sister's site. Ceramic sculpture. If you're looking for a place with lots of exotic wood....