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VAS107 Cover Off

The Height of the Vase by itself is 12 3/4"

The height of the stopper by itself is 11 1/2"

Finish is 10 coats of non toxic salad bowl oil.

VAS107 Stopper

The stopper is made of 9 separate wood pieces. There is considerable handwork in the creation of this stopper. The Ball is a single piece.

Since this stopper is important, it is also identified on the bottom as part of this vase.

VAS107 Legs

Note mitigated (stabilized and filled) checks. This was part of an old tree, a lot older than I, and the checks were in the wood when I started with it and I thought it would be good to keep them. After a year of drying the checks have not progressed and I filled them with wood filler. The legs are integral to the wood and were hand carved.


Big Vase 5 ht

This interim shot of the VAS107 shows it nearing the end of contruction. The very top was rebuilt after this point because the small decorative handles were deamed to be too delicate. The new top has three-layer laminated (and thicker) handles and are much more sturdy than those in this picture. You can also note a minor change in the design (in pictures above) to give the stopper a taller more gracefull look.

With the top VAS107 stands 21 1/2"" high and is about a gallon and a half in size. There are four short legs all part of the one large piece. I started the vase itself a year ago and its been drying until now. The main handles are hand laminated (three layers for strength) hand carved and dowelled and glued in place. They are very sturdy.

The wooden stopper is made of multiple pieces, the solid wood stopper base, a hollow slotted ball and a small top piece. The ball is hollowed from solid wood and the slots are cut by hand with a carving tool and then lots of sanding. The bowl is finished withabout 10 coats of nontoxic salad bowl oil that provide somewhat of a gloss.

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