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Items in this Category are Signed, One of a Kind Pieces.

Please note that online purchasing directly from this page is not yet supported. I hope to have that feature working soon.

Please Email Chet Olson to arrange purchase or if you would like a quote for piece similar to a sold item.

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VSL109 1.7 Vsl109 8.5H x 9W Bubanga, Ashe, Bloodwood, Canary Decorative Segmented Bowl with gloss oil finish 1400.00
vsl100 Vsl100 13" x 5" Black Walnut, Osage Orange Inlaid Band, Burned Images - Usable chalice $299 - Sold
vsl101 Vsl101 14" x 10" Spalted River Birch, Ebony Large Decorative, Eye-catching Vessel $480.00


17" X 7 1/2" Hickory, Purple Heart, African Mohagany, Hard maple, Ebony Masterfully inlaid and segmented. 333 glued pieces with beautifully complimenting colors. Decorative, not for utility. $1400.00
VSL103 VSL103 6" X 9" Ambrosia Maple Natural Edge bowl on pedistal. Lots of worm holes. Cool nut dish or just to look at and feel. $179.00 Sold  
VSL104 1.5" VSL104 12" x 7 1/2" Hard Maple, Bloodwood, African Mohagany, Zebrawood, Black Ebony, Black and White Ebony (Legs) 373 pieces of precision cut segments in tastefully blended colors. Random worm-like perforations for a lacy look. Soft, buffed oil finish $1850.00  
VSL105-2in VSL105 5 1/2" x 12 1/4" Buckeye Configured in a bowl-shaped art form. TBA Sold  


VSL106 8 1/2" x 9 1/2" Buckeye, Ash, Bloodwood This vase looks almost like a fossil erupting from ancient rock. The vase is segmented with natural buckeye interwoven with the ash segments. A very striking art piece, TBA